Saturday, 8 September 2012

Book: Blood Diamonds by Ed Lynskey

Some years ago Jonas Blades was involved in a diamond heist. His accomplice, a femme –fatale by the name of Jacquie Mantooth, was arrested and then imprisoned for her role in the robbery. Jonas got away with the diamonds but instead of cashing them in he has kept them hidden away....and now Jacquie is out.

Blades soon regrets his decision to keep the diamonds as Jacquie is not alone in her pursuit of them. Jonas’ current lover and an old flame of Jacquie’s soon enter the fray and none of them can trust each other as a boys versus girls treasure hunt begins.  

Ed Lynskey’s latest slice of crime-noir feels a lot like a crime-caper. As more characters joined the hunt for the stolen gems I kept waiting for a gag or comedy moment but none were forthcoming.
The author maintains a serious tone throughout and perhaps his eloquent and articulate prose may not lend well towards laughs, but this tale would have benefited from one or two.

Coming it at approximately 156 pages Blood Diamonds is a quick read that contains plenty of twists & turns and despite the rather short format each character’s motive is fully explored.

The climax leaves some unanswered questions but in this case that works, it leaves the reader to ponder events and wonder what happens next.

Blood Diamonds is available as an e-book now and you can click the Ed Lynskey tab to read my reviews of Lake Charles and Ask The Dice.

Ric’s Rating: Good.    

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