Tuesday 4 September 2012

TV DVD: Inspector Montalbano Collection 2

Following the recent success of Scandinavian TV dramas such as The Killing and The Bridge, we now have the Italian entry to the genre.

Based on the books by Andrea Camilleri, Inspector Montalbano is an abrupt, no-nonsense type of Policeman who routinely shouts at his colleagues and often manipulates them to his own end.

This collection contains six feature-length episodes of the first series, two of which were available for review.

The Mediterranean setting is a world away from the gritty feeling created in the other dramas mentioned. Five minutes in and it felt like an episode of Bergerac in a slightly sunnier clime, but don’t be fooled, underneath the Miss Marple type tone there is a serious drama to be found.

Montalbano’s charm also eventually emerges making the character somewhat endearing and often very funny indeed.

The investigations contain the usual mix of murder, deceit, politics and intrigue and despite my initial reaction (and the often ear-bashing Italian dialect) this is actually a compelling and fun series, think Hercule Poirot meets The Shield and your on the right track.

Inspector Montalbano Collection Two is available on DVD in the UK now.

Ric’s Rating: Good.  


  1. I'd need to watch Collection one first.

  2. I didn't feel that I'd missed too much back story Alex.


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