Saturday 6 April 2013

Film: The Baytown Outlaws

The Oodie Brothers have a reputation for handing out some old fashioned justice, so when Celeste (Eva Longoria) asks them to rescue her Godson from her abusive ex (Billy Bob Thornton), they soon discover that she has 25,000 reasons for them to say yes.

The trio head off on a violent road trip that sees them encounter lethal hookers, a road gang straight out of Mad Max and very intriguing young man.

The Oodies are fantastic. There is Brick the leader, McQueen the brash youngster and Lincoln, the silent former professional wrestler. Throw in Andre Braugher (Last Resort, Homicide: Life On The Street) and you have a really cool cast that all seem to be enjoying themselves.

This kinda feels like a TV pilot and would’ve worked as such. I for one would tune in every week to see what the crazy brothers were up to. As it is we have to settle for this one off (so far) adventure.

The Baytown Outlaws is available on DVD now.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended. 

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