Tuesday 9 April 2013

Film: Zaytoun

An Israeli pilot (Stephen Dorff) is shot down over Beirut in 1982 and forms an unlikely alliance with one of his young captors.

12 year old Fahed is grieving for his Father and sees the captured pilot as a way of getting to visit his former homeland.

The duo must overcome their differences and face many hostile situations in order to achieve their goals.

Dorff is his usual dependable self but young Abdallah El Akal steals the show as the unsettled Palestinian boy.

Zaytoun isn’t for action fans but it’s a competent film set during a somewhat forgotten conflict.

Available on DVD in the UK from 15th April 2013.

Ric’s Rating: Good


  1. Know the actor but not the movie.

  2. I think he's pretty good Alex, he was great in a film called Felon.


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