Wednesday 17 April 2013

Film: I Didn't Come Here To Die

A group of volunteers head off into the American wilderness to build a camp for future organised tours but it isn’t long until things begin to go awry.

The camp comes with the story of a murdered girl who still wanders the woods seeking revenge.

Thankfully the film concentrates on a series of fatal mishaps and the diminishing sanity of the volunteers instead of the gruesome legend.

Each member of the group has their own reasons for being there and these are nicely explored around the campfire, endearing some of the characters and alienating others. 

If you can get past the silly grindhouse type opening scene and the continually grainy presentation you’ll find a little movie that isn’t half bad. Well timed moments of humour remind the viewer that this isn’t taking itself too seriously while the tension and gore will keep horror fans happy.

I Didn’t Come Here To Die is available on DVD in the UK now.

Ric’s Rating: Good.

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