Thursday 8 October 2009

DVD: The Haunting In Connecticut

Disappointing cross between The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist.
Struggling to cope with their teenage Son’s cancer Virginia Madsen (Candyman) and Martin Donovan (Insomnia) rent a house “with a history” that is near the hospital and going cheap.
A haunted house story ensues but it’s all been done better before.
Spirits in limbo, nightmares and reflections that aren’t really there all add up to not very much and it’s only because of some half decent performances that this one is watchable at all.
Kyle Gallner excels as the cancer stricken Matt and both Madsen and Donovan are competent in their parents at the end of their tether roles. Elias Koteas turns up as a sickly Reverend and steals a few scenes in the process.
This is easy viewing and probably suits the teenage market that it’s aimed at.

Rick's Rating: 34%

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