Monday 5 October 2009

Film: Surrogates

In a world where people live their lives via robots that look like an enhanced version of themselves (Surrogates), Bruce Willis (Hudson Hawk, Moonlighting) plays a cop attempting to track down a weapon powerful enough to kill the Surrogates and their human “operators”.
All the humans are older and uglier than the Surrogates that take their place in society and they exist in their houses strapped into a kind of virtual reality world.
All a metaphor for people spending too much time on-line of course.
James Cromwell (Babe, LA Confidential) plays the inventor of the Surrogates and his son is the first victim of the killer who puts the super weapon to use.
The robot version of Bruce Willis is a bit creepy to look at but Rhada Mitchell (Pitch Black) as his partner is easier on the eye and competent in her robotic role.
Human Bruce Willis soon steps in to sort it all out and it takes him a bit of time to get used to being out in the world again as he recovers from a personal tragedy while leading the investigation and also attempting to re-connect with his wife.
Reasonably enjoyable without being fantastic, this is recommended for fans of I,Robot.

Rick’s Rating: 50%

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  1. sounds good i think im going to see it :-)


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