Sunday 4 October 2009

Film: The Taking Of Pelham 123

Hollywood big hitters Denzel Washington (Ricochet, Virtuosity) and John Travolta (Look Who’s Talking, Wild Hogs) star in this remake.
Travolta and his gang take control of a train and hold the passengers hostage while negotiating the terms with train dispatcher Washington.
That’s it.
Hard to see who this film is aimed at as the two stars are knocking on a bit to appeal to youngsters. It’s not intelligent enough to appeal to adults and there isn’t enough action in it to appeal to action fans.
The result is a film that will appeal to pretty much nobody apart from obsessive Travolta and Washington devotees.
Both look like they’d rather be elsewhere and their characters do not have the on screen chemistry that you would hope for. Aside from the stars, the story itself lacks decent character development so you don’t care about anything that takes place.
Director Tony Scott (True Romance) seems to have concentrated on NYPD Blue type jerky camera shots rather than the story or performances.
Don’t waste your time on this one, I wish I hadn’t.
Rick’s Rating: 21%

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