Sunday 3 October 2010

Film: Takers

Another Bank robbers movie, this time it's all about the action.

Idris Elba (The Losers) and Paul Walker (The Fast & The Furious) lead a cocky team of robbers who always leave a full year between jobs. When a former team member is released from prison he persuades them to take on a $30million job, problem is it's in 5 days time.

Matt Dillon (Crash) and Jay Hernandez (Hostel) are the cops trying to track them down.

It's a well above average ensemble piece as all the main players have their own issues to deal with and there are some nice fight, chase (free running style) and shoot out scenes. Although the dramatic music and slow-mo can be a bit irritating at times.

Not up to the high standard of Ben Affleck's The Town but an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

Ric's Rating: 77%


  1. Love Matt Dillon, hate the movie's title.

  2. Yeah, it's well worth watching Alex.

    I agree Miss, it isn't very inspired. One Night At McCool's is possibly my favourite Matt Dillon film. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it.

  3. It is very original and contains a number of factors worth quibbling about, but then consider how I spent the last 107 minutes of my life, I survived.

  4. I think Paul Walker is a terrible actor in fact the whole cast with the exception of Dillon I would say are pretty bad.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Milano.

    Gav, check out Running Scared with Paul Walker. The cast were pretty decent in this, especially Idris Elba.


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