Saturday 2 October 2010

Ric Recommends: Tony

More commonly known as Tony: London Serial Killer this is one of the best British films of recent years.

Peter Ferdinando gives an award-worthy performance as the unassuming loner with a dark secret.

It's very well written with nice slices of everyday life thrown in and you never know what is going to set Tony off next.

I gave this a full review a while back so click the serial killer label for that. In the meantime check out the trailer.


  1. I heard about this film a while back when the main character was described as being very like a work colleague of mine. On seeing the trailer I'm pretty sure that isn't going to be a good thing. Looks good. On another matter, how do you stand on Sandford versus Patterson? I was very amused by a recent dispute regarding these two. I see Sandford on your top picks so I'm guessing you prefer the former...

  2. Hi Col,
    Tony is a fantastic film but I'd keep away from that colleague!
    Good question: Patterson's Alex Cross books are great (I don't go in for his numerous collaborations) but Sandford's Lucas Davenport novels are that bit edgier. I have been there from the beginning in both series and Alex Cross's sickly sweet nature grates at times whereas Lucas Davenport is nasty when he needs to be so Sandford wins it for me. I'm also a big fan of J.A Kerley's carson Ryder series, well worth checking out. You'll find reviews for all of them here, click the book review label.

  3. I really liked this film. I am a fan of the movie but turned out to be great. Really funny and really disturbing scene, my only complaint was that it was too short!

  4. I agree Milano, there could have been at least another 30mins.


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