Thursday 14 October 2010

Book: Buried Alive by J.A Kerley

The latest in Jack (J.A) Kerley's Carson Ryder series is another cracker.

Carson heads off, with his dog Mr Mix-Up, to a cabin in the mountains for a well deserved holiday and finds himself drawn into a murder investigation. The victims have been horribly tortured and Carson has to use his expertise to help the locals as the FBI threaten to take over.

This installment marks a welcome return for Carson's criminal genius brother Jeremy who has been living in the sanctuary of the mountains, he adds his unique perspective to the mix.

This series boasts a fine array of recurring and guest characters, many of which (especially Jeremy and Sandhill) could have their own spin off books. The cast here includes a cool Forest Ranger, a pro fighter, a cute local cop and a sneering FBI Agent, all of whom add great depth and colour to the story.

I highly recommend the entire series, starting with The Hundredth Man, but this is great on it's own too.

Ric's Rating: 85%


  1. Why haven't I heard of this writer before? Another one to put on my wish list - I love these kinds of thrillers!

  2. Hi Cinette,

    Apparently his biggest markets are the UK and Australia maybe that's why you haven't heard of him before.

  3. If this helps, he used to go by the name Jack Kerley and recently started using J.A. Kerley.


  4. He has 3 books on

    I must find the first one myself though. Good find ricky...

  5. Hi Jas,

    I think they will be right up your street my friend.

  6. He's one of my faves. I buy his books off eBay from sellers in England. He doesn't get published in the U.S. anymore. :(

  7. Hi Pidge,
    Yeah, I read that on his website, very surprising.


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