Saturday 9 October 2010

Book: I, Alex Cross by James Patterson

Alex Cross is back and this time he's investigating the grisly murder of his estranged Niece.

Cross discovers that she was working as a high class call girl and her last appointment was with a man known only as Zeus. Being a whodunnit of sorts we miss out on Zeus' thoughts and motives as the book concentrates on the investigation and on the seriously ill Nana Mama (Cross' Grandmother who has raised him and his own kids too).

The strength of this series is the pace, helped quickfire short chapters, it moves along briskly as Cross uncovers layer after layer of cover ups leading to very powerful figures.

As good as it is I wouldn't recommend this as a starting point for the series (go to Kiss The Girls for that) but there is plenty on offer to keep fans happy.

Ric's Rating: 72%


  1. I love Kiss the Girls!! LOVE IT!! Movie and book!

  2. It's fast moving easy reading Alex so it's worth a try, start with Kiss The Girls.

    Loved the book Hannah, not so sure about the film. I had heard that Denzel Washington was going to play Alex Cross, he would have been much more suitable than Morgan Freeman.


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