Wednesday 8 December 2010

Music: Dolph Lundgren singing !!

I don't normally do this but this video is so good I couldn't resist. I mean where else can you see Ivan Drago, Freddie Kruger, The Hulk, Ricardo Tubbs, Norm from Cheers and Mahoney from Police Academy (to name but a few) sing a ballad.

Apparently it's a promo for a chatshow from Norway and some of the celebrities involved aren't too happy about it as they reckon they've been duped in some way.

I think they should lighten up as it's really funny........and kinda cool. If it doesn't brighten your day nothing will.

Check it out, you'll be surprised at who you see.


  1. That was kind of neat! Most of them looked happy. It was worth the price of admission to see Dolph Lundgren singing!

  2. That was my favourite bit too and the fact it just says "Rocky IV" for him is funny too.

  3. This is a find, Ricky. Do you think this is these guys' own voices? If it is, there's some surprisingly good singers among this bunch.

  4. I'm pretty sure it is Michael. I was impressed with George Wendt and Larry Drake but quite a few of them can hold a tune, even big Dolph wasn't too bad.


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