Tuesday 8 February 2011

Book: Darkside by Belinda Bauer

Belinda Bauer returns to the rural English village of her award winning debut Blacklands (see review elsewhere here) with this much anticipated follow-up.

This time out we follow local Policeman Jonas Holly as he investigates a spate of murders where the victims are elderly and infirm.

Following such an impressive first book was always going to be difficult and in Darkside the author has gone for a traditional whodunit that, while compelling, lacks the originality that propelled her to the top of the crime fiction genre last year.

The main character of Holly is completely over-shadowed by big city cop Marvel who takes over the case. He is a brash, arrogant man, used to getting his own way but who also displays excellent investigative instincts, much to the dismay of his beleaguered colleague Reynolds.
Holly’s wife, the multiple sclerosis stricken, horror movie addicted Lucy is also a major force and her confrontation with Marvel is one of the book’s highlights.
Stephen Lamb, the young hero of the previous book also appears, albeit fleetingly.

This is a competent and absorbing tale that gathers pace and delivers a tense finale.

Hopefully Belinda Bauer has many more dark stories from Shipcott in the works.
Ric's rating: 75%


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