Sunday 20 February 2011

DVD: The Resident

In this drama Hilary Swank (The Next Karate Kid) plays an ER Doctor struggling to get over the breakdown of her relationship.

Things look up when she moves into a recently renovated apartment owned by the charming Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Losers).

The two soon go on a couple of dates but when The Doc. makes it clear she isn’t ready for a relationship Max takes it badly and we are treated to the best flashback montage I’ve seen in a long time.

Unfortunately the film then descends into a below par Fatal Attraction meets Single White Female obsession story as Max’s worrying mental state comes to the fore.

The acting is ok, including a brief turn by Christopher Lee, but Morgan makes a far better cool ladies man than he does creepy deviant, he just doesn’t look like a guy who would be sneaking into a woman’s wardrobe to play with her dresses.

Very watchable but could have been much better.
Ric's Rating: 64%


  1. I'd rent this. Seems like decent way to kill a couple hours, and I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  2. It isn't terrible Alex it just doesn't quite get it right.

    Jennifer, Morgan & Swank are both reasonably good despite the dodgy material.


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