Saturday 5 February 2011

Preview: Poison Door by Steve Malley

Steve Malley was (and still is, so hurry over to ) offering a free ebook of his new novel Poison Door to anyone who will post a review.

I couldn't let that pass me by.


Sarah Crane is one tough cop. In a country where police don't carry guns but criminals do, she has to rely on the strength of her wits and the skill of her bare hands. Faced with a series of brutal murders and the disappearance of young women no one else seems to miss, she'll stop at nothing to get to the truth. In troubled young Michelle, Sarah sees a reflection of her own dark past.

Tommy Knowles is a vicious killer. From a London orphanage to the shores of New Zealand, he has risen from life on the streets to control this small country's heroin trade. Now his own success has led him to the edge of disaster. To secure the weapons he needs in the fight for his life, Tommy will trade as many innocent lives as necessary to secure his survival.

Michelle Swanston is fourteen and in danger. Safer on the Christchurch city streets than she is in her own home, Michelle's night wanderings take her into a hell worse than any she ever imagined. With no way of knowing who she can trust, no one else she can rely on, this terrified young girl is determined not to go down without a fight...

Check back soon for a full review.


  1. Hi Rick, not really a comment on the book but more regarding the new Kindle type devices. I've been considering getting one, but do they strain the eyes? And, is there really anything can beat sitting down with a good book? The feel and smell of the paper etc...What are your thoughts?

  2. Hi Stance,

    Hope Rick doesn't mind me weighing in on his question, but like yourself I was a bit reluctant to try an e-reader.

    Until I bought one.

    Eye strain is a thing of the past. There's no screen flicker. Good contrast. And you can adjust the font size to whatever's comfortable.

    Super-portable. Month-long battery life. Built-in dictionary lets you look up words while you're reading.

    I too love the smell and feel of paper, but curling up with the latest James Lee Burke hardback, I saw for the first time that the ink was grayish-black, the paper so brown and thin that the print on the back of the page showed through. I found myself wishing I had it on my Kindle, just to relieve the eyestrain!

  3. Oh, and thanks for the mention, Rick! :-D

  4. Hi Guys,
    Steve, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Stance, it's a strange one the whole ebook thing. I didn't think I'd like the format but like Steve says once you try it you find that it's pretty easy to get used to. I have only read 2 books on the Kindle but didn't feel that the format was at all detrimental to the books. At the end of the day it's the author's words that matter, not what you are reading them from. Having said that i did miss the book covers and my Brotherhood Of The Wolf (I kid you not) bookmark. These devices will never replace physical books but in this day and age they are an important part of the market.

  5. Thanks a lot for that, guys, sounds like I should be getting myself a new reading device. Is Kindle the best? I can read reviews on Amazon and the like but I would be interested to hear what you think.

  6. I like the internet connectivity that Kindle has, it's pretty much an independent device.

  7. Hi Ricky,
    This was very helpful, Thank you! I think I'm going to take the plunge and get one! I heard the kindle's are the best as well, so I'm leaning more towards them..


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