Thursday 24 February 2011

Book: Poison Door by Steve Malley

Steve Malley takes us to the unintentionally topical setting of Christchurch, New Zealand for this tale of drugs, kidnap, corruption and murder.
Young women are vanishing from the streets and high-kicking Detective Sarah Crane is on the case. Add to that a gangland multiple murder and she certainly has her hands full. Are the cases connected?
This book is filled with rich colourful characters such as the reptilian gangster Tommy Knowles, the veteran cop Marsden, smooth operator Usher and the star of the show, teenager Michelle who is more at home on the streets than she is in the presence of her drug and alcohol addicted Mother.
The writing can be clumsy at times with turns of phrase often repeated but other than that this is a very competent crime story that moves along nicely to reach a thrillingly violent climax in a derelict hospital.

The author took a gamble by giving this book away freely to anyone who would post a review.
It has paid off as Malley definitely shows enough potential to merit future interest and the New Zealand setting was a refreshing change.
Ric's Rating: 72%

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