Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Book: Sinema 2: Sympathy For The Devil by Rod Glenn

Preceded by a very insightful foreword from the author this sequel catches up with Han Whitman a year after the events of the first book. Feeling more like a continuation than a new novel I’d say that reading Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre (see review elsewhere here) is essential before you pick this one up.

Haunted by his actions Whitman decides that in order to restore balance he must eliminate one “guilty” person for every innocent that was slain. So in the biggest role-reversal since Arnold Schwarzenegger became the good guy in T2, Whitman begins to identify and eliminate various types of criminals.

Meanwhile, the son of a victim and the lone survivor of the massacre team up to track Whitman down.

These and other elements, such as a blossoming relationship with a police officer and dreams of the past give this book a completely different feeling to the first. Gone is the revulsion, this time you can understand the mission (or experiment as the character calls it) and there are even some moments of dark humour. It’s wild ride that takes you into the past of the main character and explains how he became an outwardly ordinary but deeply scarred individual.

Rod Glenn’s original Sinema novel will live with me for some time and here he has managed to expand and enrich the story while delivering another thrilling tale. This instalment is a more conventional serial killer novel and fans of the hit tv show Dexter will love it.

Ric’s Rating: 80%


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