Tuesday 26 July 2011

DVD: Big Fan

In this drama from 2009 an obsessed fan's encounter with his sporting hero doesn't turn out as planned.

I expected more from this. Instead of the dark drama I was hoping for I got a tale of a 30something nerd living with his Mum who's life revolves around American Football and radio talk shows pertaining to it.

It's a decent performance from Patton Oswalt in the leading role but every time I thought it was about to get interesting it didn't.

Maybe I just don't understand sports obsessives but on this evidence I wouldn't even want to try.

Ric's Rating: 34%


  1. Like you, I don't get the obsessiveness of sports either.

  2. I do enjoy some sports Mariah but they would never be that important to me.

  3. I live with a massive sports fan (he watches anything with a score) and so I do get the obsessivness of it, but this movie really doesn't sound that interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I'm not sure, but I think I don't like Patton Oswalt ever since I've been watching him in otherwise amazing UNITED STATES OF TARA.

  5. Jennifer, I keep reminding my partner how lucky she is that I don't watch much sports on tv!
    Dez, I haven't seen him in anything else but he is pretty good in this part, pity about the overall movie.

  6. This was pretty decent. Patton Oswalt put in a good performance.

  7. His performance was the best thing about it Ty.


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