Thursday 7 July 2011

DVD: Unknown

Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) arrives in Berlin and leaves some luggage behind at the airport. During his journey to retrieve it he is involved in a car accident and awakens days later in hospital desperate to assure his wife (January Jones) that he is ok. Amazingly when he reaches her she claims not to recognise him and then introduces him to her husband…..Dr Martin Harris (Aidan Quinn).

What follows is Neeson’s quest to prove his identity. It’s all run-of-the-mill stuff involving hidden agendas and terrorist plots with only fleeting moments of tension. It’s light on action too so anyone expecting another Taken will be disappointed, the similarities end at the poster.

Neeson is as reliable as ever and Diane Kruger delivers a scene stealing performance as the taxi driver from the accident who gets caught up in the chaos. Unfortunately they don’t manage to make this particularly interesting and if you’ve seen the trailer it pretty much gives the ending away.

One for avid Neeson fans only.

Ric’s Rating: 48%


  1. I actually disagree with you on this one, Ric. It was far from great, but nicely-crafted, intriguing and thoroughly gripping. I enjoyed it.

  2. I've thought it was a mediocre action flick. And now you just confirmed it, Ricks, and I will trust your judgement.
    I generally don't find Liam interesting in leading roles, he is more for supporting ones, and I will never forget Diane for her acting in TROY!

  3. Most of the reviews for this are 'eh.' I think it's still in my NetFlix queue, so I'll check it out eventually.

  4. I have to agree with Nebular and say I enjoyed this. I was expecting a rip-off of Taken and was pleasantly surprised. Although, for the earlier part of the movie I couldn't help but wonder how an old dude like him could get a hottie like Ms Jones.

  5. I'm not a January Jones-fan so I haven't seen this one. I do love me some Liam. I really enjoyed him in Taken.

  6. Hi Guys,
    Dez I'm glad you trust me on this one, looks like Alex is kinda in agreement.
    George & Michael, it just didn't do it for me. I think the trailer ruined it as I knew what was going to happen at the end but even if I didn't know that it'd still have been mediocre at best.
    Mariah, he is good in The Next Three Days too and he only has a small role.

  7. No oscar winner, that's for sure, but I still enjoyed it.

  8. I totally forgot about this film. I saw the previews and then never heard about it again. Now I know why.

  9. I saw this movie, thought it was okay while I watched it, and then I left the theater and totally forgot all about it. You're right, Ricky - it really is for hardcore Liam Neeson fans only.


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