Monday 11 July 2011

DVD: No Surrender

New Year’s Eve at The Charleston club in Liverpool descends into chaos as rival religious groups are booked to celebrate the evening in the same venue. It also happens to be manager Mike’s first night on the job and along with the religious bigots he has local gangsters, a fugitive terrorist, terrible acts and a smitten waitress to deal with.

The cast all do a decent job especially Michael Angelis as the affable Mike who finds himself caught up in chaos and attempts to do the right thing. Bernard Hill (Titanic) and Joanne Whalley (Scandal) show the potential that led to further success and plenty of familiar UK tv faces create a feeling akin to creator Alan Bleasdale’s hit show Boys From The Blackstuff in which Angelis and Hill also featured.

There are some comedy gems here, the blind boxer who constantly goads his old rival and the warring inappropriate band are highlights but on the whole the film is light on laughs and may have worked better as a drama. There is palpable tension that gets lost in the pursuit of jokes.

Made in 1985 it's refreshingly not politically correct and will appeal to fans of classic British tv show Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

No Surrender is released on DVD in the UK on 25th July 2011.

Ric’s Rating: 57%


  1. It was pretty popular back in the day here in the UK Alex.

  2. Sounds interesting. I just saw Joanne Whaley in another film called 44 Inch Chest. She still looks good.

  3. It's one I've been meaning to catch Mariah and I'd say Joanne has aged better than her former husband,Val Kilmer.

  4. Sounds interesting - but never heard of it either.

  5. Yep, I'd say "calm down, calm down" but you might not get it Dez, it's a UK tv joke.
    Michael, slightly surprised at that. I had heard of it but never saw it.

  6. Had an old VHS recording of No Surrender now almost worn out it has been played so often - am delighted to see that it has been released on DVD. I think it is a brilliant portrayal of some odd-ball characters. Has been very underated in the past. Superb performances from all.


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