Wednesday 4 January 2012

Film: The Legend Of Bruce Lee

While watching this biopic of the legendary martial artist I gradually suspected that I was looking at something made for tv. A glance at the running time (a staggering 183mins) added to my suspicions. Research duly confirmed that this is a condensed version of a Chinese tv show that ran for 50 episodes, each one 45mins long.

It does throw in a couple of nifty fight scenes but even the charismatic Danny Chan (who bears a striking resemblance to Lee) and brief appearances from Marc Dacascos (Brotherhood Of The Wolf) and Michael Jai White (Exit Wounds, Blood & Bone) fail to broaden its appeal beyond the intended audience.

Bruce Lee's story has already been told for Western audiences in the fantastic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and this serves as a timely reminder of just how good that film was.

Recommended only to Bruce Lee devotees.

The Legend Of Bruce Lee is released on DVD in the UK on 9th January 2012.

Ric's Rating: 39%

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  1. If you are interested on the life of Bruce Lee, you must watch this film. This film tells the life story of the great martial artist Bruce Lee.


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