Tuesday 3 January 2012

Top Books Read in 2011

2011 will go down as the year I embraced reading e-books. The format has helped open my eyes to new authors, short stories and has made me willing to take risks with my reading, some of which paid off big time.

Traditional printed books did not go away, on the contrary I actually welcomed the feel of them after reading e-books so overall I had a brilliant reading experience in 2011.

Here are some of the highlights in no particular order. Each book is reviewed in full elsewhere here and I've included a quote from it to give you a brief taster.

Murder In Silence by Gary Kassay
“stunning debut thriller........harrowing.....the best self-published book I’ve read”

Sinema by Rod Glenn
“This is a hardcore serial killer thriller that won’t appeal to those used to cosy whodunits”

Jimmy by William Malmborg
“ captivating journey through the mind of a young man who crosses the line and brings his darkest fantasies to life”

Black Flowers by Steve Mosby
“Neil Dawson investigates the apparent suicide of his Father in the latest disturbing tale from Steve Mosby”

Creep by Jennifer Hillier
“Fatal Attraction meets Misery.......in a sexually charged story”

11.59 by David Williams
“Full of seedy goings-on and laced with dark humour it had me looking forward to resuming the story every time”

Ask The Dice by Ed Lynskey
“very engaging and the explosive finale provides a final round knockout”

Winds Of Change by Jason Brannon
“simultaneously terrifying and intriguing”

The Sacrificial Man by Ruth Dugdall
“Dugdall proves to be a smart new voice in the crime fiction genre”

The Infection by Craig Dilouie
“everything The Walking Dead aspires to be....all the best elements of a zombie story in one place”

Blitz by Ken Bruen
“Highly recommended for fans of violent, fast paced crime stories”

Memory Leak by Trevor Schmidt
“an action thriller told at a blistering pace that reminded me of one of my favourite films, Total Recall”


  1. I downloaded Jennifer's Creep recently and look forward to reading it.

  2. I'm sure you'll enjoy it Alex. Will you be doing a review?

  3. Thank you much for including Ask the Dice on your Top Reads. I'm honored to be is such esteemed company. I'll look for the other titles to read on my new Kindle, too.

    Ed Lynskey

  4. OMG I MADE YOUR LIST! *cartwheels*

    What an honour, Ricky. Thank you so much! Happy happy new year!

  5. I'm reading the Mosby right now. Very creepy stuff. Some interesting books there, our Ricky. I so wish I had more time!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Ed. Ask The Dice was such a cool book it had to be there.
    Jennifer, I knew Creep would be good but you exceeded expectation.
    Tell me about it Michael, so many good books so little time! I'll look forward to your thoughts on Steve Mosby.

  7. I am honored to be on this list and am very happy that you enjoyed JIMMY. Now I need to check out some of the other titles you listed. I'm always on the lookout for wonderful reads.

  8. Thanks for the comment William, hope you enjoy the others if you try them. Review of your next book Text Message will be up soon!

  9. I just finished Sinema and whilst I loved it, it was so dark and exactly as you quoted definitely not a cosy story so delighted to see it appear in your list.


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