Sunday 22 January 2012

Film: The Sitter

Jonah Hill (Superbad, Cyrus) proves that he's a more than capable leading man in this comedy that mixes Adventures In Babysitting (aka A Night On The Town) with American Pie.

Noah Griffith (Hill) agrees to look after the children of his Mother's friend while the "oldies" are out for the evening but, as expected, chaos ensues.

Griffith agrees to pick up his girlfriend from a party and obtain drugs from the local dealer, all with the kids in tow. The group then find themselves chased by gangsters and caught up in many awkward situations.

Corny and predictable but often hilarious this will appeal to fans of Horrible Bosses and The Hangover. Hill is great as the down-trodden Griffith and he manages to make the character likable.

Ric's Rating: 70%


  1. I love Jonah Hill. I never heard of this movie but it seems like it'll be a great laugh!

  2. It's good fun Zena and Hill is pretty cool in it.

  3. Hi, Rick, can I just say it's great to be on your site again, I have a new boyfriend so have been spending a lot of 'extra-curriculur' with him(if you know what I mean!)his name is Jason and he says hi. Anyway, you or your fellow bloggers aren't interested in the sordid details of my lovelife! Your blog is looking superb and I'm liking the look of The Sitter, is it only in cinemas at the moment? Maybe I can get Jason to 'take me up the back row'(if you know what I mean!)I'm off for a look around the blog. It's great to be back! Cheers, Rick.

    1. Hello Stache, yes The Sitter is only in cinemas at the moment so I hope you enjoy your night out with Jason if you go. Hope you enjoy the rest of the reviews.

  4. I'm sure I'll see it, but I'm gonna wait until I see it for free. Thanks for the review! The trailer looked pretty funny in a corny and predictible way...


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