Wednesday 28 March 2012

Film: The Doom Generation

Three misfits embark on a crime riddled road trip in this 1995 film which has just been released on DVD in the UK.

Amongst the violence and soft-porn there are some strange attempts at humour here. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and we are left with a somewhat incoherent film with few redeeming features.

From talking severed heads to a bizarre ambush at the end watching this was a very weird experience.

Very unique but rather unpleasant.

Ric’s Rating: Dodgy


  1. Doesn't sound like my type of flick.

  2. It's a very strange film Alex.

  3. I found it amazing! It contains a lot of memorable lines such as

    "Six dollar. Sixtysix cents."

    "You aren't even human, are you? You're like a life support system for a cock!"

    "Yeah, Amy. Don't get your uterus all tied in a knot."

    "Blow it out your crusty rectum, loser. We don't know you, we barely just met you, and we certainly don't like you. You're fucking crazy... and you're ugly besides."

    "—You alright, man? —Yeah, I'm totally into getting the fuck beat out of me and slicin' my own leg up..."

    "—If bullshit were music, you'd be a big brass band. —What's with your lady here, Jordo? Terminal PMS?"

    And I could keep on going... :)

  4. By the way, has the DVD English subtitles?

  5. I thought the dialogue was awful Numalos. It was trying too hard to be cool which never works. It was a review disc I had so I can't tell you if the proper release will have subs.


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