Wednesday, 9 March 2011

DVD: Collapse

While researching a project on apparent CIA involvement in drug smuggling Chris Smith decided to interview Michael Ruppert, a former policeman who had lifted the lid on the subject.

Ruppert touches on the drug issue here but this is a man with an array of more alarming subjects on his mind and he is willing to divulge many of them in this startling documentary.

A full length movie consisting of one man sitting in a chair speaking his mind might not be everyone’s idea of entertainment but the explosive content of Ruppert’s words are illustrated using relevant footage making this a captivating viewing experience.

In depth analysis of matters such as declining oil reserves, war, the global financial crisis, politics and the future of civilization itself are explained in a down to earth manner that makes you stop and think.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in looking under the veil of mainstream media coverage of any of the issues mentioned.

Further exploration of these subjects can be found in The Shell Game by Steve Alten (see review elsewhere here) and documentaries The Corporation, The Fog Of War and Crude.

Ric’s Rating: 78%


  1. I think this sounds superb, in fact I've just ordered it on Amazon. I'll get back to you with what I think. Cheers, Rick.

  2. Wullie Stacheton12 March 2011 at 12:24

    I like the look of this movie, can I also recommend the documentary movies of Errol Morris, if you haven't seen them already. Three beauties are Mr Death, The Fog of War and, my own favourite, The Thin Blue Line(happily NOT starring Rowan Atkinson). But anything directed by Errol Morris is worth checking out. Cheers.

  3. Hi Col, yes let me know your opinion on it.

    Wullie, I've seen The Fog Of War but not the others. Thanks for the tip....I vaguely recall the Atkinson one...


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