Sunday 27 March 2011

Film: Faster

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock stars as an ex-con out to avenge the murder of his brother in this high octane action movie with the versatile Billy Bob Thornton as the washed-up cop trying to track him down as he leaves a trail of bodies in his wake.

Also trailing Johnson is an enigmatic hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) out to prove he is the best in the business.

This film takes me back to Arnie and Seagal at the peak of their powers as Johnson portrays a no-nonsense tough guy on a good old fashioned mission of revenge. It's reassuring to see that Johnson is actually a credible action star instead of a silly joke figure as he was in the terrible Tooth Fairy.

The edginess of the film dilutes somewhat as we get to the final third and the ending is very predictable but otherwise this is a fine action film and another contributor to the resurgence of the genre.

On this performance I'm now looking forward to seeing Johnson up against Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the upcoming Fast Five.

Ric's Rating: 79%

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