Tuesday 22 March 2011

DVD: Brotherhood

A college fraternity initiation prank goes wrong in this thriller that follows in the tradition of "boys night out goes bad" films like Stag (Kevin Dillon, Mario van Peebles) and Very Bad Things (Cameron Diaz, Christian Slater).
As events spiral out of control Adam (Trevor Morgan) urges the group leader Frank (Jon Foster) to get their injured friend to hospital but Frank wants to keep a lid on things because prank or no prank, authorities could mean jail time for them all.
This is an exciting, fast paced film that has you hooked from the get-go and contains some cool unpredictable twists that raise the tension levels every few minutes.
It's a straight to DVD gem that is totally gripping with Morgan and Foster perfectly cast in their opposing roles.
Fans of boys night out movies such as those previously mentioned will enjoy this and if you happened to see and enjoy the 1993 film Judgement Night with Emilio Estevez and Denis Leary then you'll love it.
Ric's Rating: 78%


  1. Judgement night! Loved that so would probably love this

  2. Gav, I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers Judgement Night.

    Thanks Deirdra.

  3. I also love the site! Just discovered it.

  4. The brotherhood DVD is good one. Read the review here

  5. The brotherhood dvd is great and the post has given useful information about it


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