Monday 21 March 2011

DVD: Let Me In

Twelve year old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) leads a troubled life. School bullies pick on him and he struggles to cope with the separation of his parents. When Abbey (Chloe Moretz) moves in next door the two seem to hit it off, as she too is an outsider, but for some reason she makes it clear they can't be friends. What's her secret and why does Owen only ever see her after dark?

This is a remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In but as I haven't saw that I can judge this on it's own merits and despite already knowing most of the plot due to word of mouth this film is not to be missed.

Marketed as an all out horror it's actually about the relationship between the two ill-at-ease youngsters as they attempt to cope with their respective situations and help each other where they can. Both Smit-McPee and Moretz are excellent and fine support is provided by the ever reliable Elias Koteas (Fallen, Zodiac).

This is a horror/thriller about twelve year olds but it's aimed at adults sick of the usual crop of silly, supposedly scary, films more suited to adolescents. It rises far above any of it's peers, in fact I can't really think of a film to compare it to, except maybe Fright Night but without the campy comedy.

For once the critics have got it right, this is a true gem of a film and it only loses points for some needless dodgy CGI, otherwise I can't fault it.

Ric's Rating: 96%


  1. I enjoyed this one, too. It was disturbing but surprisingly nuanced, with lots of layers. Found myself still creeped out by it the next day, too, which is always a good sign that the story did its job.

  2. Gotta agree with you on this one. Creepily enjoyable and the acting by the kids was superb.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the comments, it's great to see a top quality creepy movie.

  4. I've heard really good things about the book when I used to work at a Bookstore. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I really enjoyed this, original also excellent, maybe even creepier!

  6. Hi Trevor, yeah the book HAS to be good if the movie adaptatons are this good.

    Toad, I must try to catch the original. Isn't it unusual for Hollywood to get it so right though?

  7. I tried reading the book and gave in. I couldn't decide if it was another twilight wannabe, or was actually supposed to be an adult story. Only when I hit the pedophilia did I realise it was aimed t adults.
    However, the film was brilliant. It skips a lot of stuff from the book, but it's no loss. Agree the CGI is terrible, but on the whole this is a creepy movie that has to be seen.


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