Monday 28 March 2011

Book: The Infection by Craig Dilouie

Craig Dilouie, author of Tooth And Nail (see review elsewhere here) returns to the Zombie genre with his latest novel.

The infection itself begins on a day just like any other and we see it from the viewpoint of schoolteacher Ethan, as his pupils randomly drop down screaming when the mysterious virus strikes. Three days later everyone felled by the initial wave wakes up and all hell breaks loose.

The book follows a motley crew of survivors in their attempts to find sanctuary while fending off attacks from the infected. While finding some respite in a derelict hospital they make an alarming discovery, hideous alien-like creatures born of the infection.

There are huge similarities between this and the author’s first book but the characters on show here are much more developed making the reader sympathetic to their plight. Each characters individual experiences are told in a series of well placed flashbacks that provide much needed emotion amongst the battles for survival. There is also an interesting turn of events when the group eventually reach the camp they have been searching for. Is it the safe haven they crave?

Fans of the genre will love this, it’s everything the recent tv show The Walking Dead (see review elsewhere here) aspires to be. Throw in a couple of Resident Evil type monsters and the heart of 28 Days Later and you have all the best elements of a Zombie story in one place.

It has bags of movie and sequel potential so hopefully it’s not the last we’ve heard from the excellent characters that are brought vividly to life amongst the most trying of circumstances.

Ric’s Rating: 92%


  1. I read Tooth and Nail and it was great, I'll have to check this one out too!

  2. I thought this was much better Trevor.


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