Sunday 11 September 2011

Film: Fright Night

As a massive fan of the original 1985 movie this one was always going to have to work very hard to impress me but much to my surprise this isn't half bad.

For anyone who doesn't know here are the basics. Former nerd Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) has turned a corner in his life, he's dating a cool girl and making new friends, but when old buddy Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) tells him that his new neighbour Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vampire Brewster must decide to either back-up his former friend or dismiss his theory as that of a deluded teen.

This manages to strike a perfect balance of paying homage to the original and throwing in some new twists and turns. The best of which is David Tennant's turn as the updated Peter Vincent. No longer a washed up actor, Vincent is more of a David Blaine / Chris Angel type character, but throw in some hard drinking and foul language and you have a gloriously over the top creation played to perfection by the former Dr. Who.

Colin Farrell also manages to smoulder his way through the part of Jerry without ever matching Chris Sarandon's fantastic original performance.

This is a rare treat, a remake that should appease fans of the original while bringing the story to a whole new audience.

Look out for Chris Sarandon's neat cameo appearance, although it's a pity they didn't also find room for William Ragsdale, the original Charlie Brewster.

Ric's Rating: 73%


  1. I have been wanting to see this, but as a huge of the original I was reluctant to do so. I ragged on it when I first hear it was coming out, too. But your review is thoughtful and as you are a fan of the original as well, I will give this chance.

  2. I was surprised as well but how much I liked the remake. They paid tribute to the original, kept the same feeling and flair, while creating something fresh. The original is still my favorite though. And dug Sarandon's cameo!

  3. Thanks Melissa, let me know what you think when you do see it.
    Yep, the original won't be beaten Alex, I even still love the soundtrack. Pity Sarandon bailed on the sequel, he never became the star I thought he would after Fright Night although he was great in The Princess Bride too.

  4. Like many others I've been reluctant to see this largely because I'm a huge fan of the original film. But by the sounds of things they've put a new twist on things (especially in regards to the Peter Vincent character) so maybe it'll have some merit. I'll give this one a go when it arrives on DVD.

  5. Dan, this could almost have worked as a sequel, they have changed a lot and kept it fresh.


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