Tuesday 11 October 2011

Book: Flashes Of Revenge by Darren Sant

Darren Sant steps outside the grim setting of his ongoing short story series, the Longcroft Estate, to bring us six tales of revenge.

Kicking of with the startling Revenge Is A Warm .45 this collection delivers thrills, laughs and food for thought.

As with Sant’s other stories (see reviews elsewhere here) my only complaint is that they are too short. I could have spent loads more time with the two aged gangsters in Unforgiven. The seemingly strange band members in The Ungrateful Dead were also very intriguing.

I’m new to short stories in general but I’m quickly discovering that a short sharp dose of crime fiction can be very refreshing. I’m also keen to see if the author will tackle a full length novel.

Ric’s Rating: 72%

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