Wednesday 12 October 2011

Film: Blood In The Mobile

When Danish film-maker Frank Piasecki Poulsen becomes concerned about the source of minerals used in the manufacture of mobile phones he decides to approach his own phone company, Nokia, for some answers.

Met with a muted response he then decides to travel to the Democratic Republic Of Congo to see the mineral mines for himself.

What follows is a shocking journey through a country ruled by armed gangs and warlords leading to the mine itself. Aided by a 15 year old boy who escaped the mine, Poulsen is able to gain access and film the men working underground. What he sees is like a vision of Hell on Earth.

This powerful documentary movie shows the real life version of events portrayed in the film Blood Diamond and is very disconcerting indeed. It forces us to ask ourselves how comfortable we are with the practices Nokia and the other mobile phone companies indulge in to keep prices down.

Curiously this is the second film I’ve reviewed recently regarding Congo and it’s interesting to see the city of Kinshasa, which was the setting for Viva Riva (see review elsewhere here), as it really is.

Blood In The Mobile opens in UK cinemas on 21st October 2011.

Many thanks to Aim Publicity and Dogwoof for the preview disc.

Ric’s Rating: 81%


  1. Wonder what other devices contain those materials? I don't even own a cell phone, so I'm good there.

  2. Wow! As soon as I read your first paragraph, I thought, "This sounds like Blood Diamond."

    I would definitely see this. What happens in the Congo is disturbing on so many levels. I wonder when this will be out in North America? Will have to look it up.

    Great review, Ricky!

  3. The film focuses on phones Alex but there is a brief mention of the materials being used in other electronic devices.

    Thanks Jennifer. Let me know if you get to see it.


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