Sunday 9 October 2011

DVD: Just Do It

‘A tale of modern day outlaws’ proclaims the tagline to this documentary film that follows a group of activists during a year filled with protests and marches.

Coming across more like a disgruntled branch of the Student’s Union these individuals seem to care more about the act of protesting than the causes they claim to be fighting for but they do manage to achieve surprising results, and by the end of the film one or two of them had actually won me over.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on board with most of the issues but I found it difficult to be preached to about what happens to taxpayer’s money by people who are lucky enough not to have to hold down jobs where they would actually be paying income tax.

The biggest issue concerning the group is climate change and the turning point (for me) in the film is when the attempted protest at a UN summit in Copenhagen is heavy-handedly thwarted by the Danish police. The extreme action by the Danish police force was cleverly filmed eventually leading to the arrests themselves being deemed illegal by the Danish courts.

Other campaigns include helping workers faced with redundancy occupy their factory and standing against a proposed airport runway which would mean the demolition of an entire community.

This film manages to both engage and infuriate on many different levels. Perhaps that’s the point.

Just Do It is available on DVD in the UK from 17th October 2011.

Ric’s Rating: 70%


  1. Not sure I feel like being infuriated.

  2. that sounds like how I feel after watching a Michael Moore film.

  3. It's worth watching Alex. I think anything that provokes a reaction is.
    Good shout Michael.

  4. I need to give it a go. They're probably annoying twats and make you feel violence toward them (go riot police). However, hey do what we can't be bothered to do. Good on 'em.

  5. It's compulsive viewing Richy, even if they are twats!


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