Tuesday 11 October 2011

Film: Red State

Writer / Director Kevin Smith proves that there’s more to him than offbeat comedy with this violent and unpredictable road trip / kidnap / siege thriller.

Three teenage boys head out on a trip that promises sexual adventure but they end up fighting for their lives. They have been lured into a trap by a group of religious fanatics led by Albin Cooper (Michael Parks).

The film then veers off in a surprising direction when a team of ATF agents descend on the church.

Michael Parks is mesmerizing as the cult leader, he possesses a melodic and captivating voice, perfect for the role of an extreme preacher.
Melissa Leo, fresh from her Oscar success in The Fighter, again turns in a decent performance as the temptress turned torturer. It’s also nice to see John Goodman back on the big screen as the grizzled government agent who questions his orders.

It all gets a bit silly towards the end but it’s exciting stuff from Kevin Smith. I’ve never been a fan but if he continues in this vein I will be converted….hallelujah !!

Ric’s Rating: 79%


  1. Happy to see this is good. Will check it out when it comes to dvd.

  2. Obviously I'm the only one who didn't like it. Saw it last night and found it a bit dull and pretentious. The performances were absolutely stellar though!

  3. Really enjoyed Red State too. Thought it was consistently surprising and I liked how ambiguous the characters were. I was really impressed with the script.

  4. Funny, I just read George's review. Guess it depends on the viewer, as it almost sounds like two different films.

  5. Ty I think you'll enjoy it.
    George, I agree with some of the points in your review and I was surprised I liked it so much.
    Chris, thanks for stopping by, glad you agree.
    Go on Alex, give it a bash.

    Thanks for the cool comments guys.


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