Friday, 9 March 2012

Book: Letting Go by Victoria Watson

This collection of eight short stories contains the constant theme of life changing events.

Three of the stories have already been released individually and you can find my reviews of them by clicking the Victoria Watson label at the bottom of this review.

The five remaining stories are:

Bye Bye Baby
Cry Baby
John: Home Tomorrow
Maybe Baby
The Waiting Game

Two of the “Baby” stories are actually about babies, always an emotional subject matter and the others concern domestic abuse, 9/11 and a period of limbo. These are told in a touching way and there is even the odd moment of humour.

The short story format has finally found a home on e-readers but some of these are just too short, they do have impact, but it’s all over too quickly. Thankfully when you include the three titles already reviewed (I Should Have Seen It Coming, Inside and Keeping Quiet) the collection becomes an altogether much more satisfying experience.

Ric’s Rating: Good

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