Thursday 15 March 2012

Film: Hush

While out on a long drive Zakes (chalk up one for the silly names count) and Beth (Christine Bottomley) begin to see the shortcomings in their relationship. As the couple bicker Zakes (Will Ash) notices a truck spinning out of control.

The driver quickly regains control of the vehicle but not before the back door swings open briefly revealing a captive woman.

The couple report the sighting to the police and think their involvement is at an end but when Beth vanishes Zakes correctly assumes that the villainous truck driver is the culprit and hurriedly attempts to track him down.

This low budget UK thriller from 2009 combines elements of films like Joy Ride, Dead End and Wolf Creek. Will Ash puts in a cool performance as the panic stricken Zakes and there is good chemistry between him and Bottomley.

The overall result is a tense and entertaining film that is unfortunately let down by the lack of motive for the bad guy and a rather anti-climactic ending.

Ric’s Rating: Good

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