Sunday, 18 March 2012

TV Show: Alcatraz

The famous prison is now a well known tourist attraction and while visiting it a young girl sees a man asleep in one of the cells. We follow the bemused looking chap as he emerges into what is, for him, a completely new environment. He is Jack Sylvane, prisoner of The Rock back in 1963 but the interesting fact is that Sylvane has not aged.

So begins the latest tv drama from the producer of Lost, J.J Abrams. The premise is that all the inmates and guards from Alcatraz vanished upon the closure of the prison and they are now re-appearing with personal vendettas and other more sinister instructions.

This has limitless potential. Sylvane was on a mission of revenge but I can imagine many varied stories in the weeks to come.

Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) heads the cast as a former Alcatraz guard who is now in charge of a team that must find out what happened to the men and stop them from causing havoc in the present day.

This was unexpectedly enjoyable but I’m reluctant to get too carried away as I also enjoyed the first few episodes of Lost before (correctly) deciding it was a waste of time.

The pilot episode has given the Watch channel great viewing figures here in the UK so try to catch it if you can.

Ric’s rating: Highly Recommended

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