Wednesday 26 January 2011

Book: Memory Leak by Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt’s debut novel takes us to a not too distant future where society is governed on the principle of symmetry. Anything that isn’t symmetrical is considered unworthy, especially people.

Trevor himself sent me a copy for review and not being much of a sci-fi book fan I approached it with some trepidation. My concerns were blown away within the first few pages because what we have here is an action thriller told at a blistering pace that reminded me of one of my favourite films, Total Recall.

Jonathan Hart leads a perfect life in this society. He has symmetry (enhanced by the government Reshape clinic), a lovely (government matched) fiancée and a decent job at the government tv station where he gets to witness the supreme leader, Liam Mail, address the nation every day. He (mostly) chooses to ignore the little voice in his head that suspects things aren’t what they seem.

When Jonathan saves the victim of a mugging he has no idea that it will lead him into the world of asymmetrical (ordinary) people, force him to listen to that little voice and question everything around him, including who he is.

This has a fine cast of characters. Jonathan must battle people who were very close to him to help Alice and her rag-tag band of rebels uncover the truth.

With this relatively short action packed book Trevor Schmidt has potentially opened my eyes to a whole new genre because through all the scientific details what prevails is the feeling is that you are totally behind Jonathan and Alice as they attempt to topple the oppressive regime.

Recommended for sci-fi and thriller fans.
Ric's Rating: 79%


  1. We're going to drag you kicking and screaming into the science fiction genre!

  2. Ha Ha. There is hope for me Alex !!

  3. The old adage saying you can't judge a book by it's cover is correct then. As the cover of this book reminds of of some CC+ programming books that I saw in the early 90s it wouldn't jump out at me in a positive way in the book store and the title doesn't really match what you are saying the real story is about. Which location is the book set? Is it America?

  4. Hi John,
    The cover is an image from a recurring dream that the main character has, maybe a pic of a man's head with wires coming out of it and a scream on his face with a female holding a gun (or the freaky energy weapon used in the book) in the background would convey the story better but I think the cover is pretty cool. Trust me there is some Memory Leak(ing) going on involving the voice in Jonathan's head. The story is set in a future Manhattan, known as Nattan. Check it out and let me know what you thought of it.


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