Friday 7 January 2011

DVD: State Of Play

Hollywood heavyweights Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck star in this 2009
movie based on a BBC tv show.

Affleck plays Congressman Stephen Collins who is the head of a committee investigating the billions of dollars being paid to private security firms for U.S defence contracts.

When his researcher (who happens to be his mistress) dies in suspicious circumstances he turns to old friend Cal McAffery (Crowe), an investigative journalist, for help.

All the ingredients are here for a fantastic film but the pace is so slow that it's hard to maintain interest.

Crowe is an immense presence as usual and Affleck, Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams all do their best but they can't rescue what is ultimately just a dull film that fails to live up to it's billing.

Ric's Rating: 46%

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