Thursday, 20 January 2011

Book: Mr Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

Robert Jackson Bennett’s debut novel follows the cross country journey of Marcus Connelly as he attempts to track down the man who murdered his daughter, the hideous Mr Shivers.

Set during America’s great depression this is a sprawling, dusty, atmospheric tale of an epic quest littered with odd characters. It’s a thriller, ghost story, serial killer, horror story of revenge that evokes memories of the fantastic tv shows Carnivale and American Gothic.

In parts it’s fantastic, the strange characters involved include a fortune teller with a diseased eye, a 100 year old sheriff and an entire town that’s in league with Mr Shivers.

The momentum is spoiled by dull periods between encounters and the end is somewhat of an anti-climax although all things considered this is a unique book that’s well worth a look for both crime and horror fans.
Ric's Rating: 74%

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