Friday, 7 January 2011

Preview: Dark Side by Belinda Bauer

Ben Willis at Transworld Publishers has kindly sent me a copy of
Belinda Bauer's new book Dark Side for review.

If it's even half as good as Blacklands, her fantastic debut, we are in for a treat.


Shipcott in bleak mid-winter: a close knit community where no stranger goes unnoticed. So when an elderly woman is murdered in her bed, village policeman Jonas Holly is doubly shocked. How could someone have killed and left no trace?Jonas finds himself sidelined as the investigation is snatched away from him by an abrasive senior detective. Is his first murder investigation over before it’s begun? But this isn’t the end of it for Jonas, because someone in the village is taunting him, blaming him for the tragedy, and watching every move he makes...

Check back soon for a full review.


  1. look forward to the review, the synopsis sounds good

  2. Thanks Dempsey, there is a full review of Blacklands elsewhere here, check that out when you get the chance.

  3. I like that it is his first murder investigation that gets taken away from him. Is that a unique take on it? I rarely read crime novels.

  4. Hi Miss. I wouldn't say unique but it's an interesting slant.


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