Wednesday 13 April 2011

DVD: The Warrior's Way

Following the Challenge post re: Kung Fu Hustle, here is a review of a similar film. Jang Dong-Gun plays an assassin who refuses to kill a child and becomes an enemy of his own clan in this martial arts / western hybrid. Finding peace in a small community Yang attempts to put his past behind him but there is a whole army of warrior assassins on his trail. Meanwhile he learns the tragic past of Lynne (Kate Bosworth) and when her old enemy (Danny Huston) turns up he must choose to stay living in peace or unsheath his sword. Any ideas what he'll do?? This is great fun, it's very like Kung Fu Hustle but without the OTT cartoonish moments. The visuals are striking and the fight scenes are tremendous. I feel I've lost out by missing it on the big screen. Highly recommended for action / martial arts fans. Ric's Rating: 80%


  1. I saw the trailers on this and I was almost hooked...almost lol

  2. Try it out Cat, it's a good kung fu film.


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