Friday 8 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: G

G is for..........................Robert Goddard and here is my review of his new novel, Blood Count.

Dr. Edward Hammond, a liver specialist, performed a life saving transplant on one Dragan Gazi in 1996. Gazi went on to command forces who massacred civilians in the Balkans war.

Shortly afterwards Hammond’s estranged wife was murdered and when Gazi’s daughter comes calling she demands Hammond does her bidding or he will be implicated in the murder.

So begins Robert Goddard’s latest novel of intrigue as Hammond’s endeavours take him on a long and winding road through Europe encountering some complex characters along the way. This is the first time I have read one of Robert Goddard’s books and the quality of the writing jumps off the page but the endless just one step further to go type scenarios manage to make what should be a thrilling journey come across as more of a depressing road trip.

Hammond himself is a man of questionable virtue and everyone involved has a hidden agenda that makes it difficult to root for anyone, except maybe the Mother looking for her long lost Son.

All the twists and turns, some more obvious than others, eventually come to a reasonably satisfying conclusion but there is never the huge dramatic moment that the author intends.

This should satisfy Goddard fans, of whom there are many, but there isn’t enough here to attract newcomers.

Ric’s Rating: 56%


  1. As I'm not already a fan, I'll just skip this one.

  2. Likely a wise choice, unless you have a particular interest in the Balkans war Alex.

  3. Great blog, Rick. My friends and I are still having food related parties, tonight it's roll and pie night. We've taken your advice and bought the film Brotherhood. PS I'm also reading the book Infection(I've got a bit of an infection 'down there' so I can really relate). Thanks for the tips. Brilliant stuff, my man.

  4. Sounds like your trouble isn't stopping you enjoying yourself Zobie. Have fun.....and I hope you enjoy Brotherhood.


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