Friday 15 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: M

M is for.......................................Steve Mosby.

Mosby's books have had me captivated from the get go. His debut, The Third Person, was a sci-fi / crime hybrid that wasn't 100% to my taste but I knew that the style of writing was something special.

Since then he has evolved into one of the best crime writers around. His compelling serial killer story The 50/50 Killer is about to be made into a movie in France.

Also check out Cry For Help and Still Bleeding, my review of which (from Amazon UK) is below.

Steve Mosby takes us on a disturbing journey through the murky side of the internet and into the world of murder and suicide memorabilia. Alex Connor left his family and friends behind when a traumatic event changed his life. Upon hearing of another such event he returns and quickly gets caught up in some very sinister goings on. Giving away plot points would spoil the book but in this story we have murder, abuse, suicide, greed, voyeurism and a couple of twists that even a jaded reader like me didn't see coming. The torment of Alex and policeman Paul Kearney add an emotional side to a tale so despicable that it will not be to everyone's taste. Trust me, if your happy in the world of easy reading then Mosby is not for you. On the other hand, if you can handle the nasty side of things what you get is a fantastic piece of crime fiction written so profoundly that it puts many authors who churn out formulaic books year after year to shame. I stress that this is not for the faint of heart but I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone who enjoyed the likes of early Mo Hayder (Birdman, The Treatment) or fancies stepping out from the top ten bestsellers and into a darker world altogether.

Still Bleeding is currently the publisher's (Orion) book of the month and Mosby's new novel Black Flowers is available now.

Check for more info. on this brilliant author.


  1. I enjoy some crime fiction, this sounds good. Also, I love Lantana the movie.

    Nice to meet you via the A to Z!

  2. Hi Talei,

    Nice to meet you too.

    Mosby is a cut above most crime fiction, I highly recommend his novels. Still Bleeding is possibly my favourite of his.

    Glad someone else has seen and enjoyed Lantana.

  3. Thanks Margo, glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Javier Stacherano, Majorca17 April 2011 at 13:59

    I've never heard of this guy, and I'm not much of a reader(I prefer to watch tennis and Buffy) but it sounds amazing. I think I'll give it a go! Thanks, Rick.

  5. No probs Javier, if you do try any of Mosby's books let me know what you thought.


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