Saturday 23 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: S

S is for ..................................Surveillance.

Check out the trailer for this disturbing drama from Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David.

I won't give too much away but it involves corrupt cops, serial killers and features Michael Ironside alongside Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman.

Highly recommended but not for the squeamish.


  1. Bloody hell, that looks amazing! My mate wee Commie is going to try and eat 10 pickled eggs at our 'movie club' tonight(which has been inspired by your site). I guess he should try and get them eaten BEFORE the film! Or maybe after, hmm, I don't know now. Is this film out now, Ric?

  2. I'll eat the pickled eggs before, during or after the movie. I'm going to do some serious Jean-Claude Van Damage to your jar of pickled eggs, Zobie. Easy! Easy! Easy! I agree with you on the film though. Great site, Rick, we all follow it religiously. Cheers

  3. Hi Lads,

    It's available on dvd pretty reasonably priced.

    Not too sure about the pickled eggs beforehand though.

  4. Thanks, Rick, sounds like that's on the agenda for us tonight at The Pieclub. Anyway if he thinks he can eat ten pickled eggs, I'll eat eleven. I will take him DOWN - take him down to Chinatown

  5. Bring it on! i intend to 'survey' your defeat, Zobie, you will kneel at the feet of the Pickled Egg master. Cheers Ric

  6. No probs guys. Enjoy your night.


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