Monday 11 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: I

I is for..................................Michael Ironside.

Michael Ironside’s performance as Ham Tyler in the original V introduced me to a new type of character, the anti-hero. Here was a good guy with a bad attitude, he didn’t suffer fools gladly and constantly ribbed the hero of the piece Donovan, labelling him “Gooder” because of his Do-gooding. He despatched the bad guys with ease and, on occasion, displayed a softer side, like the time he turned up as Santa Claus at a kids party.

One of the best tv characters of all time without a doubt.

Ironside went on to star in Top Gun, Total Recall and Highlander II but never achieved the status that he deserved. He now pops up in the odd film and appears infrequently in tv dramas.

Heres to the ultimate anti-hero, Michael Ironside.


  1. Agreed Alex, he always stole the show.

  2. back when I was a kid Ironside was actually one of the very few movie villains I knew :)

  3. He always had / has great screen presence Dez.


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