Wednesday 18 May 2011

DVD: Blooded

A high profile pro fox hunting campaigner and his friends attempt to escape the furore surrounding the issue by visiting a remote part of Scotland. Unbeknown to them animal rights activists are watching their every move and have their own plans for the group.

One by one they awaken in nothing but their underwear, exposed to the elements and miles from home. Can they make it back and uncover the identity of their attackers?

This British drama uses recent history and mixes real news footage along with well acted “interviews” to create a docu-drama style that helps the film move along nicely without ever managing to create the tension intended.

Whatever your views on the issue this is a decent bit of film making that sadly doesn’t live up to it’s potential due to a lack of likeable leading characters and unintentionally funny bad guys.

This is an interesting film, just not a very entertaining one.

Ric’s Rating: 57%


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