Sunday 29 May 2011

DVD: The Warrior And The Wolf

An epic war rages on the ancient Chinese border but every year the armies cease the fighting when winter’s snow makes the land too hostile, even for battle.
Lu is training to be a warrior and during this time he befriends an orphan Wolf but soon the winter comes and the platoon must find refuge. The young animal struggles with the journey, this features an alarming scene where the pup used seems to be in genuine distress.
They hole-up in a village of mythical tribesmen and Lu commandeers one of the huts, little does he know there is already a resident, the widow of one of the tribesman. The film then becomes a bizarre Stockholm Syndrome type love affair as, after many prolonged rapes, the widow falls for Lu.

When battle re-commences I had completely lost interest in this one, it’s visually striking but there is a complete lack of character and story development. So much so that there is often on-screen explanations of what is going on.

This is for Asian cinema aficionados only.

The Warrior and the Wolf arrives on DVD & Blu-ray here in the UK on 30th May.

Ric’s Rating: 38%


  1. I do love me some Asian epics even though they usually tend to be all the same :) But if they star my favourite Takeshi Kaneshiro or Aron Kwok I'm always there :)
    Actually tomorrow I'm bringing a very nice Asian film to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

  2. I'll be checking it out Dez.

  3. I don't like to watch movies where a woman falls for her rapist. As someone who was assaulted, I find it horrifying and disgusting. I will not be watching this and i thank you for pointing out the rape.

  4. It switched me off to the film Melissa, not what I was expecting at all.


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