Thursday 23 September 2010

Blogfest: Top Ten TV footnote

If you read my Top Ten Tv list you'll notice I did say that there could be glaring omissions.

Well, I found my original notes and guess what? There were.

So, deserving some praise beacuse of their omission are:

Salem's Lot - How could I have forgotten the vampire mini-series that lived long in my memory after first seeing it (inappropriately) as a kid. My Brother used to terrorize me by saying "The Floater" was at our bedroom window ! Of course it all looks a bit cheesy and dated today, but at the time it was bloody brilliant and it still wipes the floor with the likes of True Blood.

Carnivale - Fantastic HBO series about the battle between good and evil set in a 1930's travelling carnival. Authentic settings and powerhouse tv acting, especially from Clancy Brown as Brother Justin. This was cancelled after 2 seasons and although it did provide some sort of closure there could have been so much more.


  1. I remember watching Salem's Lot and it scared the crap out of me! Probably not as effective now as it was back then, but it definitely stuck with me.

  2. Yeah, it should have been in my top ten Alex.

  3. Salem's Lot was SCARY. Just as they should be!

  4. Even today the vampire with the bald head and teeth creeps me out.


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